Valley Janitor Supply, an Envoy Solutions Company, Since 1964

Valley Supply has a distinguished history of providing expert advice and the best products for every cleaning environment. We started in 1964 and found our niche serving the janitorial supply needs of the K-12 schools with the reputation for going above and beyond just selling cleaning supplies. Our consultative services help school districts, healthcare clinics, office buildings, factories and more maximize their cleaning budgets with proven processes and products. 

We’ve been a family-owned and operated janitorial equipment supplier since the beginning with a passion for providing custodians and commercial cleaning companies the support they need to clean safely, effectively, and efficiently. While working in the family business, Bob Robinson invented the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning Machine, which enabled cleaning professionals to deep clean restrooms, commercial kitchens, floors, and more without scrubbing or touching fixtures or surfaces. It’s his passion for problem-solving that drives Valley Supply reps to help customers find the right cleaning solutions for their customers today. 

Get to know Valley Supply and you’ll quickly see the value of our expert advice to help you solve any cleaning challenge for every surface throughout your building. Unlike other commercial and janitor supply companies, Valley Supply only sells time-tested, reliable products and delivers them to your dock or door when you need them. We also supply training for every product and process we sell. We’ll help you provide your employees, students, and guests with the cleanest, safest environment with the products and processes that maximize your man-hours and budget. Valley Supply is part of Envoy Solutions, a specialized distributor and solution provider in jan-san, foodservice, packaging, and marketing execution.