Orbital Technology – Simplifying Hard Floor Restoration

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Cleaning commercial floors is a labor-intensive task and even with routine cleaning, periodic removal of floor finish is necessary to restore and prepare the floor for a new finish. Valley Supply has a simpler, more effective, and safer solution to traditional chemical strippers. Orbital technology, like the [recommended product name], makes it safer and can remove the old finish down to the VCT without chemical strippers, making it easier to prepare floors for restoration.

What is Orbital Technology?

Orbital technology has been a part of our world in many forms for decades. Palm sanders, car buffers, and most recently floor maintenance equipment. The heads of these machines orbit in concentric circles that are about the size of a dime. This produces a very consistent outcome in whatever situation it is used. In floor preparation equipment, the heads can be round or rectangular and are either hand-operated or as the scrub head on a walk behind scrubber. The tasks that can be achieved range from cleaning to deep scrubbing to removing finish either with chemical stripper or without. Today, we are focusing on floor restoration which normally involves a chemical-free floor strip/prep pad. 

What are the benefits of this methodology?

In the past, the only way to remove floor finish from commercial floors was to use a chemical stripper that would “unlock” the polymers of the floor finish (wax). Using a very aggressive floor pad, it was a very messy and dangerous job. The solution is unbelievably slick under the best conditions. Using the orbital technology available, you can still use the chemical stripping procedure. But most situations can be accomplished using the SSS Eco-1000 Maroon Strip-Prep pad and a general cleaner like SSS Propel. The slip/fall conditions are almost completely eliminated and with multiple passes, the finish can be removed layer by layer all the way to the surface of the VCT. You may also use this methodology dry, without water or chemical solution. Simply vac up the finish powder, rinse/vac, and the floor is ready for finish. Talk about SAFE!

Since labor is the most expensive part of any floor work, orbital floor prep reduces your time at least by half. ommercial floor restoration jobs that would have taken 2 or 3 employees can be accomplished by 1 person, especially when a walk behind scrubber with an orbital scrub head is used. If the dry methodology is used, there would be virtually no humidity added to the inside environment, which speeds up dry/cure time of the new finish applied. So, again, labor/time savings.

Not sure if Orbital technology is right for your application?

While every facility has unique challenges, we can help find the right orbital floor machine for any condition. Consider this recommendation from a lifetime floor refinishing expert in the Dayton, Ohio area: 

With over 18 years of hard surface flooring remediation, I can honestly say “I have found the perfect fit for my growing company”.

The orbital system that Valley Supply is known for has changed my business in so many ways. The most important of all would be crew safety!! We all know that when a stripper chemical is applied to the floor it becomes a skating rink and slip/ fall accidents are an inherited risk of the job. I looked for years for a way to get the chemical stripper out of my shop and develop a more safe approach to removing old finishes. We do over a million square feet of tile per year and we can’t afford to have guys off for work-related accidents.

The orbital system has cut my labor cost by nearly 40% and reduced my Workman’s Comp injuries from refinishing to “0”!! Our profit margins have jumped 17% on average and we have a lot more happy customers.

The system is easy and we can train anyone even with no prior experience to become proficient in under 4 hours. In conclusion, you can see this system is a sure way to increase productivity, reduce labor costs and ensure employee safety!

Daniel Quinn, VP
Midwest Commercial Services Inc.

Ready to learn more putting Orbital technology to work for you? 

Talk to a Valley Supply rep today about the safer, easier way to restore your floors with some of the best machines in the industry. We’ll help you find the best solution for your facility and budget.

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