TACTical Approach to Cleaning

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Understand the Impact of Each Step to Make Your Cleaning More Effective

Cleaning can mean different things to different people. However, the fundamentals of cleaning remain the same regardless of products, experience, and any other variables. A common acronym used in the cleaning industry is T.A.C.T. which stands for time, agitation, chemical, and temperature. By altering any of these variables, you can increase or decrease the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Now let’s break down the acronym T.A.C.T. a little more.


  • First and foremost, it is imperative to select the correct chemical for the cleaning process. Then you need to understand that the longer the chemical stays in contact with soils, the better the chemical will perform. An industry practice that highlights the importance of time and its impact on the process is commonly known as the “double scrub.” Double scrub is the process of dispensing chemicals and scrubbing the floor without vacuuming and then repeat the process, but this time vacuum up the cleaning solution. 


  • Have you ever wondered why they have so many different types of floor pads? Well, in simple the floor pad you select is directly correlated to the task you are trying to perform. You would use a more aggressive floor pad when doing restorative work that requires a deep clean and a less aggressive floor pad for more of a daily cleaning task. 


  • As previously mentioned, selecting the correct chemical for the cleaning process will help you be more successful. But it is also equally as important to dilute the chemical cleaning agent correctly and use the products in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation. Have you ever heard the old saying – a little chemical is good; a lot is better? That could not be further from the truth when it comes to cleaning. 


  • Follow the manufacturer’s labeling to know what temperature you should use with your chemicals. We recommend lukewarm or cold water when diluting your chemicals. If you use too hot of water, you typically get too much foam. 

Using TACT and having the best products in your cleaning arsenal can help you maximize your cleaning efforts. Putting the right method and the right products to work for you can help you clean better, faster, and save man-hours and money. 

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