These days everyone is being asked to do more with less – the cleaning industry is no exception. Labor shortage and heightened cleaning have left the cleaning industry asking how to do more with less. One of the ways that schools have increased their productivity and helped optimize their workforce is through the use of battery technology.

Battery-operated walk-behinds and riders have been a staple in the cleaning industry for years. These cordless cleaning units gave end-users the freedom to do more with less time and greatly increased the cleanliness of their facilities. With the decreasing cost of battery technology, other platforms, such as cordless vacuums and cordless floor cleaners, have begun to adopt the battery allowing end-users to cut the cord.

Places where you can now utilize the benefits of a cordless unit:


Did you know?

You are 30 percent more productive using a backpack battery vacuum compared to using a standard corded upright.  

  • 30% more productivity allows for labor savings and reallocation of time to do more detailed work. Given a $13.00 an hour average wage saves $27,000 a year per 100,000 square foot using a cordless upright vacuum or saves $87,688 per year using a cordless backpack.
  • Gives the user the most efficiency and cordless freedom with the industry-leading runtime and no time wasted managing cords.
  • Eliminate safety and tripping concerns when you go cordless. Clean anytime, anywhere, without safety concerns.

Valley Supply has an army of battery-operated units that will increase productivity and safety.  Discover some of our products.

Ready to go utilize the latest cordless technology at your facility? They’re more powerful and cost-effective than ever. Talk to Valley Supply about cutting the cord and saving valuable time and money.

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